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Aid Workers Network is a free service set up to enable aid workers to share practical advice and resources with each other. 21374 people like you are in the network!

Since its founding 10 years ago, Aid Workers Network has had the honour of serving thousands of aid workers around the world. Now we are entering a new phase: through a partnership with Devex, the online community for international aid & development professionals, Aid Workers Network will continue to serve our community. We are currently in a transitional period, during which this website will be updated to reflect this new partnership. As a result, some items on the site may be obsolete until this transition is completed. We will keep our community updated about these changes and we look forward to an exciting new period for Aid Workers Network in the future

And once you register you can ask questions in the Forum.

When working in relief and development, we often face situations and problems that others have already encountered. Aid Workers Network is your starting point for finding out how they dealt with those situations and solved those problems - and for you to contribute your own experience to help others.

Aid Workers Network thanks the British Red Cross and Oxfam for their generous support.

In order to encourage more interaction among our members, we have set up a home at Face Book. We request you to join the group and the cause. Start learning more about your fellow members and develop more personal relations with them.