Older People

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  • Guidelines for best practice
  • Sphere on older people
  • Humanitarian Practice Network Paper
  • HelpAge International


Guidelines for Best Practice

Guidelines on Older People in Disasters and Humanitarian Crises can be found at www.helpage.org, then click on Emergencies; then on Resources.  Also on the Emergencies page you'll find a link to Ageways, a twice-yearly publication which exchanges practical information on ageing and development.


Sphere on Older People

The Sphere Handbook has a number of references to older people


Humanitarian Practice Network Paper

Jo Wells of HelpAge International wrote "Protecting and Assisting Older People in Emergencies", Network Paper 53 published by the Humanitarian Practice Network, in 2005.  It's available at www.odihpn.org - then click on Publications, then select Network Papers from the drop-down menu.  You have to join the Network to read it - but joining is free.


HelpAge International

HelpAge International is a leading international network of NGOs working with and for disadvantaged older people. It is active both in emergencies and in long-term development. Its website is at www.helpage.org.

Working with Older People: Understanding their Issues by AWN member Angela Baiya offers excellent advice on this subject.

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