Guidelines for Contributors

Submitted by Aid Workers Network on April 20, 2006 - 11:42am.

To draft or revise a page on the AWN advice pages, please see the AWN volunteer guidelines and follow the directions to express interest.

Advice pages are not the place for academic study or in-depth information, but, rather, for people looking for practical relevance and information referrals to find in-depth information (books, web pages, journal articles, etc.). Advice Pages aren't meant to provide comprehensive narratives regarding aid and development subjects. Rather, the aim of each page is to provide (1) an introduction to a subject for “beginners”, and (2) suggestions for web sites, books, journal articles and other publications, on and offline, that provide more detailed information for beginners and experts alike.

When drafting an advice page, think about the aid or development worker in the field; what does he or she really need to know about this subject? Why might he or she be visiting this page?

Please cite sources for any narratives you produce. When drafting information, you may use Wikipedia to find more information, but AWN would prefer you cite printed publications and web sites sponsored by established aid and development organizations, universities, corporations, etc.

Feel free to present resources that are in conflict with each other; there are few development approaches that aren't disputed by someone.

Use the AWN Forum itself for resources. Search through the AWN Forum to see if anyone has provided a resource that would be related to the advice page you are writing.

You may point to online resources or offline publications that you yourself have produced, but please offer disclosure of your association with such somewhere in the advice page.

Please use simple, clear words and phrases. Avoid jargon. Keep sentences short. Remember that many readers are not native English-speakers.

Resources you point to should provide practical examples. Remember that this is ‘advice for aid workers by aid workers’, not discussions of theory.

Aim for the equivalent of one to two pages of a word processing document.

Please run a spellchecker over your document.

Please check all links to online resources.

Please do not say "click here" for web links; a link to another web site should be the descriptive phrase, organization name, or title being referred to. Using "click here" does not meet web accessibility standards.

Please read what you are agreeing to when you write a contribution for AWN.

For further reading on Web writing

See also Writing for the Web, a short article for MIT Libraries which gives good tips.

Submitted by Richard O.G.Ondoma on August 6, 2007 - 1:58pm.

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