AWN seeks online volunteers

Submitted by jcravens42 on February 6, 2008 - 12:48pm.

The Aid Workers Network is an all-volunteer online community for people working in aid, relief & development. The people who contribute to the forum, read and respond to emails sent to AWN, create new pages for the Advice section, and handle administrative and technical tasks that keep AWN running are all volunteers -- they are professional aid workers who donate their time and expertise, often while they are working in a developing country under contract with an aid agency, to help keep AWN operating. (that includes me -- I volunteer to recruit and support other AWN volunteers) Current opportunities to help AWN as an online volunteer are being posted to the UN's Online Volunteering service:

Volunteering activities with AWN are listed here:

I hope that the more than 15,000 members of AWN will have a look at these opportunities and consider taking on a few tasks. These are all short-term opportunities; you will be signing up for just a few weeks to help, not for the rest of your life, I promise! Jayne Cravens Bonn, Germany