Board update

Following the AGM there have been some changes that we wanted to inform you about. Firstly, a new chairman has been elected. Mark Butler has taken over from Paul Starkey. The treasurer and secretary Paul Ainscough has also resigned and we are in the process of identifying his successor. We would like to thank both Pauls for all that they have commited to AWN over the last years.

As a Board, we took the decision to move away from having any paid roles to a completely volunteer-run organisation. As of the AGM, Jayne Cravens has offered her experience and skills to take this initiative forward. She has already started on this process, and will be coordinating all this work over the next months. If you are interested in volunteering in any way, please contact Jayne via the website.

Over the next year we are aiming to improve the service that we offer. A survey will be made available shortly on the website, and we invite you to complete this to help us understand how you view it and what you would like to see from AWN. Along with the developments in the use of volunteers for the site, we welcome your involvement.

Thanks for being part of AWN and making it what it is and what it can be. We are looking forward to where we can go from here.

For the Board

Mark Butler

Chair of AidWorkers Network