Submitted by Rosa Manson on April 17, 2008 - 12:33pm.

The MDC in Zimbabwe announced the results from the opposition party on the Saturday after the elections. they have confirmed that theses elections had mnot been rigged and that they were from genuine voters.
The courts have denied them access, and it is now eighteen days since the presidential election results, and already people from the opposition are being sought after and attacked unnecessarily.
the Britsh Prime Minister has offered to help Zimbabwe, too little to late?
The way things are in Zimbabwe at the moment, there is going to be another genocide, as that is how people who opposed Mugabe see it. They will fight to the bitter end if they have to.
Does one really believe that Mugabe will go quietly, well the Zimbabweans believe that he will try once again to gain power, it is just a matter of time.
On Friday, there is a demonstration taking place outside the Embassy in London and in Nottingham to mark Independence day, as well as fighting for democracy.
Mugabe has made it clear that genocide if that is what it takes is the way forward, or is it?
Once again, is history not repeating itself, after we said about Rwanda, no more genocides?