Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) include the Internet, computers, handheld devices, cell phones, wireless networks, and satellite networks. These devices are used both by aid, relief and development workers AND those served by such workers.

Cell phones, for instance, are used by millions of people living in the developing world for everything from checking on crop prices to gathering weather reports to online banking to scheduling HIV/AIDS medications. Oh, yes, and phone calls. They are not a luxury for many people; they are a necessity.

This page will provide links to information about ICTs for aid, relief and development. It will not focus on ICTs and regular administrative tasks by aid workers, which can be found on this advice page, but, rather, on ICTs used to contribute directly to aid, relief or local development. If you would like to volunteer to contribute to this page's information, please see the AWN volunteer guidelines and follow the directions to express interest.