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The latest Siyanda Update, Issue No. 67, July 2008, has a
"Quick Guide" to Gender mainstreaming resources. Here it is:

Gender mainstreaming has proven challenging to implement effectively - what can we learn from differing views, experiences and approaches? The following resources are from a selection which have been summarised and included in the Siyanda database:

- Mainstreaming Gender in Social Protection for the Informal Economy, Kabeer, N., January 2008
How can the money spent on social protection measures make more of a difference to the lives of women workers? This book explains how the need for social protection is also shaped by the gender-related constraints that limit women's ability to overcome labour market disadvantages through their own efforts.

- Gender Mainstreaming In Practice: A Toolkit, 3rd Edition 2007 (in English and Russian), Niemanis, A., January 2007
How is gender mainstreaming relevant to the work that I am doing? And, even if I understand its relevance, how am I supposed to implement it? This toolkit addresses these and other questions that are commonly raised by practitioners engaged in public policy and development.

- ILO Participatory Gender Audit (in English, French and Spanish), International Labour Organization (ILO), January 2007
This ILO Gender Audit based on participatory approaches assesses whether internal practices and systems for gender mainstreaming are effective and whether they are being followed.

- Politics of the Possible - Gender Mainstreaming and Organisational Change: Experiences from the Field, Mukhopadhyay, M., Steehouwer, G. and Wong, F., April 2006
This publication aims to capture the process of gender mainstreaming and organisational change in seven organisations from different contexts and to document the challenges encountered and lessons learnt.

- Mainstreaming Gender in Development: A Critical Review, Sweetman, C., August 2005
This volume offers a critical review of gender mainstreaming. It aims to be enabling and practical by suggesting methods which help move past dilemmas into action by identifying solutions.

- Mainstreaming Gender or "Streaming" Gender Away: Feminists Marooned in the Development Business, Mukhopadhyay, M., October 2004
This paper argues that gender mainstreaming has often resulted in gender equality work becoming very technical - focused on developing frameworks, planning tools and checklists to integrate gender equality concerns into development work rather than pursuing more political goals concerned with transforming unequal power relations between women and men.

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