Submitted by Abdikadir on October 17, 2008 - 11:50am.

YOPA is a community-based organisation established in 2008 in Somalia by a group of young educated people who are committed to AIDS prevention and education.

Because of the increasing fears that AIDS might easily spread to Somalia from it’s east African neighbouring countries where HIV/AIDS has been prevalent for decades, YOPA has decided to take urgent steps to mobilize people especially the younger members of society to help them have better understaning of this killer disease.

The overall focus of YOPA is to educate the public about the seriousness of the disease and how it can be prevented through participatory worshops and mass media awareness compaign on HIV/AIDS.
However, YOPA is currently under considerable financial constraints so it found it difficult to do this job all alone, hence the need for funding.
We would therefore be most grateful if you could come to our assistance in support of this noble cause.

Submitted by jcravens42 on October 17, 2008 - 4:17pm.

Financial solicitations are NOT allowed on AWN.

AWN is NOT a funding organization. AWN is an online network of professionals working in aid, relief and development.

For advice on fund-raising, please see this AWN advice page

Jayne Cravens
Bonn, Germany

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