AWN features a lot of information to help with the management of vehicles in aid, relief and development efforts:

Most of the resources in the AWN Logistics Resource Bank relate to vehicle management, and there are more than 30 worksheets and samples ready to download, including a checklist for vehicle rental agreement, a form for a daily vehicle inspection report, an example of driver rules and regulations, a sample fuel supply contract, motorcycle specification checklist, and much, much more.

Road Safety for Aid Workers by AWN member Brett Page, a former Australian Army Officer who specialised in convoy escort.

Buying a New Vehicle by AWN member Lynn Bell of Bukkehave Inc., a global distributor of vehicles and spare parts with over 75 years' experience supplying transportation solutions for humanitarian aid programs in developing countries.

Keeping Track of Fuel Use
» by long-time AWN member and contributor Mark Butler, who notes, "Keeping track of fuel can be a major headache. All too often, fuel 'leaks out' through mismanagement, inefficient use or theft. With careful management by the logistician, administrator or vehicle manager and of course the drivers, these problems can be avoided."

Preventing a Vehicle Roll-Over by AWN member Mick Farmer, who notes, "Having rolled a vehicle back in my early days working in upcountry Uganda, I learnt the hard way about the dangers of unsealed roads. Since that time I've treated this potentially, very dangerous road surface with the utmost respect."

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