Event: Are supplementary feeding programmes effective in emergencies?

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Are supplementary feeding programmes effective in emergencies?
13 January 2009
Overseas Development Institute
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Emergency Supplementary Feeding Programmes (SFPs) have been part of the standard toolkit used to respond to crises for decades. These programmes are normally carried out alongside general food distribution to tackle moderate malnutrition in emergencies. While individual agencies monitor and evaluate the performance of their SFPs, their findings are rarely published. There have also been no large-scale studies of the effectiveness of these programmes in emergencies, despite frequent claims of poor performance.

This Humanitarian Practice Network meeting will bring together Carlos Navarro-Colorado,
Frances Mason, and Jeremy Shoham, the authors of a recent Network Paper that aims to fill this gap. The paper draws on a study to determine the success or failure of emergency SFPs, conducted in 2005-2006 by Save the Children UK and the Emergency Nutrition Network. Susanne Jaspars, a researcher with a background in nutrition, will act as the discussant at this event.