Paper on: "Food crises and food markets : implications for emergency response in Southern Africa"

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This paper published by USAID and supported by Michigan State University. Dept. of Agricultural Economics | USAID. Bur. for Economic Growth, Agriculture and Trade. Ofc of Agriculture | USAID. Bur. for Africa. Ofc. of Sustainable Development, states:

"Concern about humanitarian crises in southern Africa, especially in light of the surge in world food prices since 2007, has been accompanied by calls for direct government action in food markets. This paper reviews how Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique handled private food markets during the food crises of 2001/02, 2002/03, and 2005/06, which may provide important lessons for the management of future crises. Lack of trust between government and traders can lead to behavior that undermines the interests of each and harms consumers and farmers; Malawi and Zambia have persistently fallen into this trap while Mozambique has partially avoided it. Empirical policy analysis can make an important contribution to resolution only within a consultative process involving a broad range of (often fractious) stakeholders."

"This paper reviews how governments in the region have managed food emergencies, with a special focus on Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique’s handling of private food markets during the three food crises of this decade. The next two sections lay out our conceptual framework, data, and methods. We then review emerging trends and characteristics in the region’s maize production and marketing systems before summarizing key aspects of each food crisis. Next, we assess each country’s responses, looking for any substantial change over time in how markets were handled. We conclude with thoughts on how to make more effective use of markets in emergency response and on key research needed to better inform such response."

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Interesting post and a great term paper help. Thanks.

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