Logistics Training in Bangkok

Submitted by Michelle Cummin... on January 27, 2009 - 1:34pm.

There is still space available in the upcoming training in Bangkok, "Logistics and Incoterms", 17-19 March 2009. The training is for NGOs/CSOs, governments, UN staff, development banks and donors.

For more information, consult the UNDP Procurement Training website: http://www.undp.org/procurement/training.shtml.

Submitted by syg205 on February 3, 2009 - 4:12pm.

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for sharing this program with the community. Here is some basic information on the course:

The aim of this programme is to provide course participants with:

- A clear understanding of the principles of effective logistical arrangements and to understand methods of mitigating risks and to optimize the organization's logistical activities

- The capability to plan, implement and evaluate a logistical exercise appropriate to the value/risk of the goods being transported

For more information please follow the above link or click here for a full list of additional upcoming training courses.

Sophie Guerin
AWN Forum Moderator
Beijing, China

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