DRR and Climate Change - your input needed

Submitted by Mark Butler on March 2, 2009 - 2:32pm.

frontline knowledge explorer

Connect, share, learn and co-author

Current topic: Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change

When: 19 February to 27 March 2009

Where: http://tinyurl.com/frontlineknowledge

Are you working on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation? Can you share examples of how you integrate them in your development projects and programmes? Can you tell others about how you tailor your work to different livelihood, poverty and hazard environments? Can you speak about the challenges you face, and about what you need to better integrate climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction? Join us in the frontline knowledge explorer and take part in an exciting initiative to share YOUR valuable first-hand experience with decision makers, experts and practitioners around the world. Why should you take part? Responding to climate change requires new ways of thinking and doing.

The frontline knowledge explorer is your chance to do things differently and test an innovative new model for generating, documenting and sharing knowledge What will you do? You will join an online community and share your experience, good practices, lessons learned and perspectives with others who work on disasters and climate change adaptation How will you do it? Using a simple online workspace we have created for you to share your experience with others. We will show you how to use it What difference will this make? You will help generate a unique resource for researchers and practitioners that is based on frontline experience, and demonstrate the value of co-creating knowledge in the fast-evolving world of climate change What happens then? The contents generated will become an online resource and will also be edited into a short briefing paper with shared authorship. These will be disseminated amongst practitioners and researchers from across the world and help them in their responses to climate change and disasters. Find out more and get started at: http://tinyurl.com/frontlineknowledge

The frontline knowledge explorer is a collaborative initiative by four leading climate change knowledge service providers committed to developing new ways of working together and with others to meet the challenges of climate change:

Adaptation Learning Mechanism, UNDP: www.adaptationlearning.net

Linking Climate Change Adaptation Network (Eldis): www.linkingclimateadaptation.org

weADAPT: www.weadapt.org

AfricaAdapt: www.africa-adapt.net