Weblinks for Development Workers, May 2009

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100 Useful Tools for Searching the Deep Web


Ever heard of the Deep Web? It's a term for the part of the Internet that doesn't get indexed by the major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Some experts estimate that only one percent of the information on the Internet is picked up by these search engines. The rest of it is contained in specialized search engines, and there are lots of them. In fact, you can see a comprehensive list of them at 100 Useful Tips And Tools To Research The Deep Web. Here you'll find links to search engines, databases, tutorials, networks, and tips that will help you find that elusive information you've been seeking.

AiDA launches an Interactive Map


AiDA is one of Development Gateway's aid management tools, which supports the aid effectiveness agenda by publishing information on development activities to help donors coordinate and harmonize their development efforts. With the use of an interactive map generated with technology from Google, development practitioners now have access to a geographical interface for information normally available through the AiDA Web site. Users can click on any country in the world and view a summary of the development activities that are taking place there.

Development and Civilizations - Lebret-Irfed


International network of development actors coming from various cultural and spiritual roots and sharing common convictions. The Centre aims, through listening and dialogue, at contributing to the emergence of a more just and a more democratic society.

DIIS Migration Seminars launch new website

Get an overview of seminars, papers, links to resources, and media coverage online


EADI Research Monitor


EADI offers a new information service focusing on research results produced by EADI

members. The March edition focuses on the financial crisis. Subscribe at http://www.eadi.org/index.php?id=1065



Are you an expatriate? Future expatriate? Recruiting agent? Take a look at one of the largest online communities for English-speaking individuals living outside of their countries. ExpatExchange’s network is a combination message board with discussions about being an expat in most countries and a directory of goods and services useful for expats. Source: FITA.

Focus on the Global South


Focus combines policy research, advocacy, activism and grassroots capacity building in order to generate critical analysis and encourage debates on national and international policies related to corporate-led globalisation, neo-liberalism and militarisation.

Gateway Guide on Inclusive Growth


The Governance and Social Development Resource Centre (GSDRC) has launched its

gateway guide on inclusive growth.

Genderindex.org: A New Way of Assessing on Gender Equality in Developing Countries


The OECD Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) is a new tool to measure these

hidden instances of gender discrimination.

ILO’s Synergies site


The Synergies project site is intended as a platform on current applied research and practical implementation of linking financial services to business services that contribute to pro poor enterprise development, income and job creation.



MicroPlace is a social business owned by eBay. We want to alleviate global poverty by offering investments that enable loans to hardworking poor people. You can invest as little as $20.

Migration seminars, Danish Institute for International Studies DIIS


This website presents an overview of the seminars, links to migration research resources, PowerPoint presentations and papers from previous events as well as suggested literature on seminar topics.



Do you want to rank and compare the countries of the world and don't have the time to collect the data? This website will help you save time! Select a category, browse the incredible list of available data and make your choice. In one click, you will get your country ranking. The website uses official sources such as the IMF, World Bank, CIA, UNICEF and UNCTAD. Source: FITA.



The purpose of this site is to make resources available, free, to NGOs working in the development or humanitarian fields. We make or find manuals that can help NGOs build skills, and suggest other websites with good resources.

Remittance Prices Worldwide


This World Bank Website provides data on the cost of sending and receiving small amounts of money from one country to another. Called remittances, these international transfers are often initiated by migrant workers.

Scientists Without Borders


The New York Academy of Sciences and the United Nations Millennium Project conceived of founding Scientists Without Borders, and the organization is now supported by a number of volunteers and partners. The organization 'aims to mobilize and coordinate science-based activities that improve quality of life in the developing world.'

Search for Trade Financing with FINDATA


A searchable database of financial institutions (major banks, credit insurance agencies, export credit agencies, etc.) in developing and transition countries that support international trade. You just select a country, financial product, and type of institution, and FINDATA will give you a list of institutions that fit your criteria. Source: FITA.

The Development Marketplace for African Diaspora in Europe (D-MADE)


D-MADE is a new and exciting opportunity to access grants financing entrepreneurial projects that are designed by Africans, to support the development of Africa. Based on the very succesful global Development Marketplace, for the first time such a programme will target Sub-Saharan Africa-wide members of the Diaspora living in Europe.

The Kwintessential Business Etiquette Guide


If you do business internationally you know that cultural etiquette is at least as important as price, inventory, and other factors in business deals. Every culture has different beliefs, ideals, and ways of doing things. You need to be aware of them if you're going to work closely with people from that culture. Kwintessential Country Profiles is a site that's been around for years, and it has great advice about how to handle cultural differences. There is also a page with useful phrases for some of the world's main languages. Source: FITA.

Transnational Institute (TNI)


International network of activist-scholars committed to critical analyses of the global problems of today and tomorrow, with a view to providing intellectual support to those movements concerned to steer the world in a democratic, equitable and environmentally sustainable direction.

Trustive world-wide WiFi access


The reality of WiFi is usually a fragmented service with different hotspot operators having their own log in methods, billing systems and coverage restricted to certain countries or even cities. The Dutch provider Trustive decided to overcome these challenges in order to improve this reality for the whole Trustive community. Following 5 years of heavy investment and the conclusion of strong roaming agreements with 70+ hotspot operators in 65+ countries, Trustive is now able to offer a seamless service that is both reliable and competitively priced across a unified and ever expanding network of 65,000 WiFi hotspots in 65+ countries, including 350+ airports.

Women in Global Business


The Women's Global Business Alliance - Peer Counsel is developing a collaborative network that provides opportunities for executive women to work and learn together. Created for senior-level executive women worldwide, WGBA promotes contacts and interaction between global business leaders that allows them to share their knowledge and expertise. Source: FITA.

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