Course: Needs Assessments in Emergency and Rehabilitation Situations (5 days, Geneva)

Submitted by mkirschbaum on December 22, 2009 - 10:52pm.

Strategies, techniques and tools to prepare and conduct a needs assessment

NGO Management School Switzerland (NMS)

Course date: 8-12 February
Place: Geneva, Switzerland

Training Description
Whilst good information does not guarantee a good programme, poor information almost certainly guarantees a bad one. Assessments are a vital element of the programme planning process: they provide the information on which decisions will be made. The first part of our course on Project Cycle Management enables participants to learn about and test how to prepare and conduct a needs assessment. The course focuses on assessment strategies, the various tasks to be done throughout the whole process as well as techniques and tools used to improve the quality of information obtained during interviews with stakeholders. This should help participants to improve the quality of their needs assessments and therefore the quality of the relevance of potential projects and operations that may follow.

The course is divided into two parts: 1) What to assess, i.e. the content of an assessment, and 2) How to assess, i.e. the process of an assessment. The course includes a one-day field exercise to practice the newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Intended Audience
The course will benefit in particular:

- Programme coordinators
- Key field and HQ staff involved in assessments
- Managers supervising field assessments

Training Fee
Early bird fee available until 4 January, registration and payment deadline: 18 January.

Early bird fee/full fee (in Swiss Francs):
- Non-OECD: CHF 1450/1700
- OECD: CHF 1950/2200.

For course programme and further information:
See detailed course description.

Training Contact
Telephone: +41.22.534.96.84.

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