Private Sector Partnerships in Disaster Risk Reduction

Submitted by Chris86 on May 10, 2010 - 5:59am.

Im am about to undertake a Research Project entitled 'Developing a Framework for Effective Integration of the Private Sector into local Disaster Risk Reduction in South-East Asia', and I have found that their is limited litrature into this subject area. I think that this form of research may be useful for disaster preparedness in south-east asia because forming private sector partnerships will create a sustainable form of disaster risk redcution for the region. The main body of my research will revolve around finding past examples of good and bad cases of where the private sector has been involved in local disaster reduction, and also developing a framework for how this process can be integrated into DRR to best serve the communties of South-East Asia.

Do any current guidelines or frameworks exist to establish or monitor this process?

Do Priavte sector firms had policies or criteria for taking a role in disaster risk reduction? especially at a local level.

What resources can private sector firms offer to the disaster management industry and to vulnerable communties prone to flooding or droughts for example.

And finally i would be really interested to hear peoples opinions if whether they beleive that private sector involvement is productive or not. Does private sector involvment really help decrease vulnerablility or does it eventually lead to more vulnerability.

Thank you.