New Website: Collected Writings of Stefan Pasti

Submitted by stefan on May 10, 2011 - 2:28am.

New website (May 8, 2011): the Collected Writings of Stefan Pasti (at )

1) To provide more information about who I am, and how I arrived at building The IPCR Initiative
2) to share what resources I have with others who can make good use of them
3) to illustrate to beginning writers that the long and winding path ahead for them may include good results, building blocks which eventually led to good results, some efforts which are of unknown value (but may yet be helpful)--and some writings which just didn't work
4) and to offer a variety of resources (3 websites now: The Interfaith Peacebuilding and Community Revitalization (IPCR) Initiative at ; The Special Moments of Inspiration and Insight Book Project at ; and the Collected Writings of Stefan Pasti at ) which can be used to facilitate writing workshops (whether by me or someone else)

--this writer has created a website for his Collected Writings.

The Collected Writings website includes

1) a "Table of Contents" pdf file which provides a list (by decades, from 1960-present) of the 95 writings included, and has commentary on writings up to 1992 (the website is still a work-in-progress)
2) webpages organized by decades which provide free access to pdf files of the writings (not all pdf files have been uploaded yet...)
3) and an Autobiographical Sketch to give readers a context for the writings and the commentary

The 95 writings (and compilations) made accessible at this Collected Writings website include the following pieces which have never before been accessible on the Internet:

1) the first version of the short story "The Spirit of the Sacred Hoop" (written in 1984) (final revision in 2006)
2) the short novel "The Last Map of Root Man Charlie"
3) "Land Ho!" (a game played with homemade cards)
4) the newsletter ("Where a Village is Tended....") used in this writers' first outreach project (1991)--and responses
5) "A Timetable of Popular Events in American Culture (1900-1991)" (no footnotes or source references)
6) "Virtue Notes" (an attempt at designing an alternative currency)
7) "Activity Resource Notebook" (made when this writer was assisting elders with special needs)
8) "Songs We Love To Sing" (a songbook with lyrics to 173 sing-along songs)
9) and documents associated with building The IPCR Initiative which have not been made accessible before

I invite readers of this post to explore this Collected Writings website--and share their thoughts here as comments, in the Guestbook at the Collected Writings website, or with me personally at (preferred email) (email option: )

I hope this Collected Writings website (and the other 2 websites I have shared with others--see above) provides some genuine assistance and inspiration to others as they try to live meaningful and compassionate lives in a very complex world.

With Kind Regards,

Stefan Pasti, Founder and Outreach Coordinator
The Interfaith Peacebuilding and Community Revitalization (IPCR) Initiative

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