Integrating DRR, Community-Based Adaptation & Development—Online Courses Begin May 1

Submitted by Tim Magee on April 10, 2012 - 7:56pm.

Dear AidWorkers Network Colleagues,

CSDi is announcing the May 1 launch of a module of eight online field courses on Integrating DRR, Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change, and Rural Development.

These courses begin by introducing basic climate change concepts, participatory disaster preparedness, and mainstreaming them with rural development—and develop as participants identify local community vulnerabilities, identify risks and hazards, investigate appropriate solutions, design participatory M&E plans, develop full projects, launch and manage them.

Complete information and course syllabi:

DIPLOMA MODULE 440: Integrated DRR, Community-Based Adaptation & Development

OL 341. Adapting to Climate Change 1: Designing & Funding Community-Based Adaptation Projects.
May 1—June 25, 2012.
Gain an insight into contemporary methods of developing community-based, sustainable, impact-oriented projects.

OL 342. Adapting to Climate Change 2: Planning for Impact.
July 10—August 20, 2012.
Imbed impact into your adaptation project design with a powerful set of management tools.

OL 343. Adapting to Climate Change 3: The Community Focus.
September 4—October 29, 2012.
What does adaptation mean at the community level? What practical tools are available today for communities to use in adaptation?

OL 344. Adapting to Climate Change 4: Sustainable Implementation.
November 5—December 17, 2012.
How do you launch and implement a community-centered adaptation project?

After successful completion of the four prerequisite courses above, you will be invited to enroll in elective courses.

Participants from 116 countries and 350 institutions are using CSDi online courses to develop new, community-centered, sustainable development projects that are impacting over 185,000 beneficiaries.

To learn about course fees and how to sign up please visit:

If you have questions about the Online Learning program, please contact: .

Join 650 colleagues at CSDi’s Development Community. The CSDi DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY invites people active in development or interested in learning, to share resources & collaborate online in developing sustainable, impact-oriented tools and solutions for development challenges.


Tim Magee, Executive Director
Center for Sustainable Development

The Center for Sustainable Development specializes in providing sound, evidence-based information, tools and training for humanitarian development professionals worldwide. CSDi is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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