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Location: Harapan rainforest camp, Jambi province, Sumatra, Indonesia
Closing Date: 29th April 2012 (at midnight GMT)

Harapan Rainforest is one of the most important conservation projects in the world. Located on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, it protects around 20% of the remaining dry lowland forests of Sumatra, whose area fell from 16 million hectares in 1900 to less than half a million today. It is production forest, managed under innovative ecosystem restoration licences. Management, in collaboration with local community, government and NGO partners, ensures that the forest continues to support a wide range of threatened plants and animals and provides a range of essential environmental services and enhanced livelihoods for present and future generations. The management rights to Harapan Rainforest have been secured for a period of 100 years by a consortium which includes the RSPB. The RSPB contributes to forest management, planning, research and advocacy work, biodiversity surveying and monitoring, communications and fundraising.
RSPB therefore seeks a new Technical Advisor to support the Management Team. S/he will be based at Harapan Rainforest camp. With fluent English and a working knowledge of Indonesian, the Advisor will develop and implement organisational and administrative systems and structures to ensure the effectiveness of Harapan Rainforest management, and compliance with government and donor requirements. Working collaboratively with the Head of Forest Protection, the Community Development Team and the Head of Forest Restoration, the Advisor will ensure that forest patrol activities are adequately planned, resourced and implemented to the highest standard. S/he will also ensure effective and timely communications between Harapan Rainforest and the RSPB.
For detailed job description and instructions on how to apply, please visit our website -

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