How do I register to use this website?

To register with the Aid Workers Network website, you will have to fill out a short form, which is found here

You will be asked to provide some information to help us identify you next time you come back. Some of this information can be seen by other users of the website.

The following pieces of information are mandatory, and you will not be able to register with us if you do not provide them:

  • Username  (public)
  • Email address (hidden)
  • Password (hidden)
  • Given Name (public)
  • Family Name (public)

The following pieces of information are optional, but can help you make the best use of Aid Workers Network and the resources of nearly 10,000 other website users:

  • Subscription to Aid Workers Exchange, our periodic newsletter (hidden)
  • Languages spoken (public)
  • Present location (public)
  • Experience (public)

 Once you've finished doing this, click on "Create new account". We will send you an email with information you can use to log in to the website.

If this email doesn't arrive after a few minutes, have a look for it in the folder where your email provider puts "spam" or "bulk" email.