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Submitted by Tazamis Africa on September 1, 2006 - 7:40am.

Tazamis Africa is an NGO formed by sudanese refugees in Australia,we are very small and haven't got much money but we are starting to make headway and do some good things for our people in Uganda.
At the moment we are caring for over one hundred orphans and are starting literacy and work skills programs for adults and teenagers.
Our aid worker is an African lay missionary called Jackson Maku.
I would like to make contact with aid workers in the area of Northern Uganda so that I can get information about accessing aid (mostly in the form of clothing) for our kids who are all in need of new things to wear.
send me an email if you think you can help.

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Submitted by Gemma Houldey (not verified) on September 1, 2006 - 1:00pm.

If you're interested in meeting with local NGOs working with children in northern Uganda, I would suggest you contact Concerned Parents' Association - - a Christian Aid partner which works in Gulu, Kitgum, Lira and Apac. Also try Gulu Support the Children Organisation (GUSCO) - -and World Vision, which both look after war-affected children in Gulu. You might be able to access funds through Save the Children Uganda, who have an office in Gulu; their Director is David Wright - I hope this is of some help.

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