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The ECHO Generic Security Guide for Humanitarian Organisations is a comprehensive security manual.  It's in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

(ECHO is the Humanitarian Aid Department of the European Commission.  It commissioned the Guide, which was written by Barney Mayhew.) 

The Guide is aimed at humanitarian (i.e. emergency) aid workers and organisations. But it's also relevant, with minor adaptations, to long-term development work.

Look out for the index at the back which is excellent if you're looking for a specific topic - also the detailed table of contents at the front. 

The links on the Security Review section of the ECHO website can be very slow (the link is at the bottom of this page), so we're making the ECHO Generic Security Guide available here.  Click on the appropriate format below to download your copy.


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The Guide plus associated training and other materials is on the ECHO website.  They're all available for free on a DVD: email ECHO at echo-ngo-security, followed by @, followed by (we write it this way to prevent spam).

Most of the material in the Security section of the Aid Workers Network Advice Pages and related pages is taken from the ECHO Generic Security Guide, with minor adaptations.  Because links on the Security Review section of the ECHO website can be slow, be prepared to wait for the link to work.  Click here to go to the site.  Please note the copyright statement and disclaimer in the Guide.


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