Two new services: The UN Says, and AfDevInfo

Submitted by Tom Longley on April 13, 2007 - 11:39am.

Two interesting new, online information services have started up in the last month or so.

The first is The UN Says. This website takes the daily press briefings and statements of the spokesperson of the United Nations Secretary General and allows you search them, comment on them, and receive email alerts whenever something of interest to you comes up. The service is free, and forms part of a family of easy to use websites, including Downing Street Says and The Government Says. So, you'll never have to wade through the UN's awful website again! 

The second web service is African Development Information Services. This service pulls together primary, public domain information about African governments, society and organisations and presents it in standard formats. The service is free to people working in African governments, institutions or organisations. For other institutions, however, there is a subscription fee.