RRN (Rapidly Return to Normalcy)

Submitted by Sunimal Alles on May 23, 2007 - 3:12am.

The Need to establish ACBL Centers – for meaningful employment, restoring values and contentment

After around thirty (30) years of working for humanitarian and development organizations in Africa, and Asia, the initiator of ACBL (Advisory Centers for Better Living) centers, found that the number of people who were content, meaningfully employed and earning sufficiently in Sri Lanka was very limited. He found that this was mainly because; people had not selected the professions they practice in line with their natural talents and skills

Since 1988, the initiator has been advocating the need to match natural talents/skills with the profession they select to practice, as it was the only manner in which people could be creative to produce refined products, provide excellent services, be employable rapidly, be competitive, earn sufficiently and be content in life.

Unfortunately, he saw that this has not happened in many countries, including Sri Lanka and has resulted in boredom, mental trauma, resentment of the content, unavailability of a refined workforce and dissatisfaction of employers and purchasers of products.

The education system in many countries has focused on the provision of access to subjects of study that have not been able bring to the surface natural talents of many children. Many parents and families too have coerced children to select courses of study that led to professions that they considered “dignified” or were “following their footsteps”. The inability of finding employment in their fields of study has led many to migrate from their homes and communities where they would have been influenced by elders to retain moral and spiritual values.

The negative impacts of the above are enormous, but the most dangerous of them all has been the loss of values and self-worth among children and young adults. It has also made them jealous of others that are meaningfully and gainfully occupied and resent communities and tribes that are content. Today, if there are many underpaid, underemployed and creators of violence around, it is because as children they were denied the opportunity to choose a profession to practice, which was in line with their hearts and minds or were unable to access services as their communities were marginalized or displaced. This has made them frustrated, loose respect and value for others, difficult to be employable, bored, unprofessional and uncreative.

Research carried out from 1986 indicated that 90 to 95% of people were not engaged in a profession or practiced a trade that they really liked doing and made them totally content. This meant that only 5% were really active and creative and has also created an imbalance in the availability of professionals at all levels.

In order to correct this, the idea to establish TIDY (Talents Identification and Development for everyone) centers was conceived in 1988. However, the practical application of the concept was when private ACBL centers were established to enable the RRN (Rapid Return to Normalcy) of persons displaced as a result of a volcanic eruption in 2002 in Africa. As the first centers were able to re-habilitate many persons, additional centers were set up by concerned citizens to reinsert CAFF (Children Affected by Fighting Forces) and WAFF (Women Affected by Fighting Forces). The initiator on his return to Sri Lanka found that there was a need to identify talents of children, the unemployed and underemployed and link them to training that would enable them to be meaningfully employed rapidly as it had led to dissatisfaction among the population and increase in criminality.

Advertisements were placed in selected newspapers and on websites to generate interest and motivate concerned citizens to establish ACBL centers and also to invite SMI (socially minded investors) to contribute their surplus funds to make this a reality.

To date, around fifty (50) concerned persons from all over the world have expressed their willingness to establish ACBL centers and around ten (10) investors are prepared to invest in establishing centers.

The private ACBL centers in Sri Lanka will focus on: Protection of children from coercion, enhancing communication and language skills, Identification of talents of children and provision of advice to select professions aligned to talents, establishing objectives in life and valuing each other’s professions and their future clients, organizing seminars in schools and for parents to allow children select their future professions to be in line with talents and educate them that all professions are dignified, linking those that need to polish their talents to entrepreneurs and professionals, advocating the ministries to make available academic courses of study relevant to selected professions to enhance theoretical knowledge, accountability and governance, research of employment opportunities and provision of guidance and training to those that are talented to be rapidly employable and establishing selected industries within or around the centers to prevent further migration to seek employment and loss of values. In order to increase the availability of capital for expansion of self-employment ventures, cottage industries and community based businesses; the ACBL centers will also establish savings and investment groups and create linkages with established MFIs (MicroFinance institutions) and commercial banks. Quality control and export promotion units will also be established to market products and services. Please contact info@tidycentre.com for more information