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Aid Work: What Recruiters Really Look For

November 7, 2006 - 10:47pm

Some home truths

Many candidates interested in working in international development and emergency aid are convinced that finding a job in this sector is just a matter of knowing the right people inside organisations and getting recommendations from them. This is absolutely not the case. Many others think that if they get the right kind of education - a master's degree in a relevant subject, for instance - they they automatically qualify for a job as aid worker. This is not true either.

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Financial Management

March 24, 2004 - 1:00am

All organisations need money. Alongside staff, money is the one thing that takes up most management time. This brief introduction outlines how to take proper care of your funds. Good financial management involves the following four building blocks:

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Beneficiary Rights - Essential, Not Optional

March 10, 2004 - 1:00am

By Erik Johnson (with assistance from Elly Proudlock)


How do you ensure that the rights of people affected by disaster are respected - particularly when dealing with national governments? 

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3 Steps to Computer Virus Protection

February 25, 2004 - 1:00am

In the past few weeks, another computer virus has spread around the world, affecting everybody from individual users to multinational corporations. The 'MyDoom' virus demonstrated that a lot of people and organisations are still not taking the basic steps necessary to protect their computers against viruses.

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Keeping Track of Fuel Use

February 11, 2004 - 1:00am

Keeping track of fuel can be a major headache. All too often, fuel 'leaks out' through mismanagement, inefficient use or theft. With careful management by the logistician, administrator or vehicle manager and of course the drivers, these problems can be avoided.

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Preventing a Vehicle Roll-Over

December 10, 2003 - 1:00am

Having rolled a vehicle back in my early days working in upcountry Uganda, I learnt the hard way about the dangers of unsealed roads. Since that time I've treated this potentially, very dangerous road surface with the utmost respect.

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Disability Equality in Practice

November 12, 2003 - 1:00am

by Alison Harris and Sue Enfield


What is disability? Trying to define it is a complex and controversial matter. It is important to consider the preferences of disabled people themselves, and to bear in mind that acceptable terminology changes over time, and from one culture to another.

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Addressing Demands for Programme Inclusion

October 22, 2003 - 12:00am

When undertaking registration-type activities, one may encounter individuals or groups that missed such an exercise or claim to have been overlooked by staff during its conduct. Failure to properly address such cases can disrupt ongoing activity implementation and increase security risks. A well-structured 'Claim Process' can effectively channel requests for programme inclusion, promote transparency and reduce the likelihood of security incidents.

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Monitoring and Evaluating Advocacy Programmes

October 15, 2003 - 12:00am

Advocacy is an increasingly important strategy in development, but how do you prove its impact, and ensure appropriate lessons are learned? 

Advocacy is an essential component of rights-based programming, focusing on building constituencies around different issues, and working to change the broader context in which an agency works.

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Key Lessons From Evaluations Of Humanitarian Action In Liberia

October 1, 2003 - 12:00am

This short briefing distils key lessons and examples of good practice from past experiences in Liberia. It is based on seven evaluative reports available from the ALNAP Evaluative Reports Database. 


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The Livelihoods Approach

September 17, 2003 - 12:00am

Every aid worker sooner or later, has the experience of completing a project and hearing "that's great, but what we really need is�" In our work, we have overlapping and concurrent, sometimes conflicting, priorities that change and grow over time. And addressing just one element does not make the other priorities go away.

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A Logistician's Plea

September 3, 2003 - 12:00am

As a logistician, have you ever first learned of a new project when the purchase requisitions appeared on your desk? Or received a vehicle request 20 minutes before it was urgently required?  If so, take comfort from knowing that you are not the first.

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The Reintegration of Female Soldiers in Post Conflict Societies

August 20, 2003 - 12:00am

The role of women soldiers has been both to increase the number of soldiers in general and to serve in roles unique to women

Conflict - for centuries has been the arena of men. Now women can openly join the ranks of warriors. However, their roles during war and peace are still very different. During a war, women may perform tasks usually performed by men, in addition to supporting the war effort more directly. This article will point out the special situation in which such women find themselves after war.

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Re-Entry Syndrome

August 6, 2003 - 12:00am

What is Re Entry Syndrome? 

Re Entry Syndrome (RES) or Reverse Culture Shock is a psychological response experienced by many people returning home from field work in a different culture. RES does not only impact on the sufferer, it also affects the returning worker's family and friends. As well as being experienced by aid workers, it has been recognised in people who have been released from jail or soldiers returning to civilian life.

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Why A Stitch In Time Can Be A Hard Sell: Fostering A Culture Of Disaster Reduction

July 23, 2003 - 12:00am

How can we shift from investing only in disaster relief to focusing on disaster reduction and preparedness?

The investment in risk management makes up only a fraction of the portion spent on relief efforts worldwide every year. By only focusing on relief, we are becoming a society that lives from one disaster to another.

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6 Ways of Increasing Your Effectiveness As A People Manager

July 9, 2003 - 12:00am

People are central to organisational success, and every field manager is a people manager in some capacity or another - sometimes with comprehensive back up support or an HR advisor close at hand but often not. Either way, they often end up dealing with a wide range of HR issues. So how can you ensure you are really managing people in the best way possible and getting the most out of your team?

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Reach Out And Practice Participation

June 26, 2003 - 12:00am

Participation is a word that we hear and see in our work at every stage. If you do not include the word participatory in your project document or conversations about the work that you are doing it all seems a bit incomplete. But what does the word participation actually imply? What are these so called participatory approaches?

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Sphere in a day

June 11, 2003 - 12:00am

Aid workers have asked: "What am I supposed to do with the Sphere handbook?" Here's the short answer: "it is a tool" - use it in assessments, problem analysis, program planning, monitoring and evaluations. You can also start a learning process to improve your effectiveness as an aid worker with the Sphere handbook. This article describes three easy ways to get started.

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Preventing Malaria

May 28, 2003 - 12:00am

This can seem a confusing topic for many aid workers; even for doctors and nurses. Most advice is directed towards the short-term traveller, so here are some guidelines for those going away for a month or longer. It is based on information from the WHO, UK Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention, our experience at InterHealth in caring for members of 180 NGOs and from other reliable sources.

Here is a simple tour:

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Humanitarian Mapping: Eyes for the Humanitarian Community

May 14, 2003 - 12:00am

There is nothing new in the desire for more complete information to help plan effective aid deliveries. How many times have you gone into the field with incomplete maps on the geography and the needs of beneficiaries?

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